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Take back control of your business from third parties. Customers from third parties stay loyal to them, not you. Offer online orders, rewards, digital payments, mobile apps, and personalized offers to give your customers the best experience so they keep coming back.


One platform, fully featured

Third parties don't have your best interest at heart. Beanee gets you more regulars and saves you money. Take your business to epic heights.

Website ordering

Increase sales with features like menu photos and a mobile-optimized platform. No website? We’ll help you build one.

Branded Mobile Apps

Stay on their minds and on their screens. When they’re in the mood to order, your restaurant is just a swipe away.

Marketing & Guidance

Dream big—we’ll help you get there. Set, meet, and exceed your goals under the guidance of your Restaurant Success Manager. They’re here to support you.

Build your customer database

Collect customer names, emails, phone numbers, and birthdays using proven offers.

Convert visitors into loyalty members

Automated emails and texts sent at the perfect time. Stay top of mind so customers order directly from you.

Measure your marketing

Find out exactly where new customers are learning about you. Find out what marketing actually leads to orders and save money by leaving out the rest.

The fastest way to pay

Turn tables quicker, increase average spend, get more tips and save time

Offer drive-thru

Offer convenience and get more customers without any additional expenses. Get notified with car details when your customer has arrived.

Collect customer feedback

Ask customers for feedback automatically. Showcase the positive reviews, hide the unfair reviews, and handle the negative reviews privately before they get posted.

It's time to ditch third parties.

Frustrated with third parties? So are we, and that's why we built Beanee.

Third parties started with a promise: Connect with more customers, let them market your business, and you can focus on your products. The reality is that this was never a profitable business. So what did they decide to do? Use your data to power their cloud kitchens so they can finally earn a profit for their investors.

Beanee is the platform to take back control of your business.

Operate like the world's best

Until now, you have relied on third-party vendors. You had to because building a tech platform to handle online ordering is neither easy nor cheap. We started Beanee to level the playing field.

You see, other companies like Starbucks and McDonalds know the value of data. That's why they invest so much in building their own apps and websites. Did you know that Starbucks now makes over 40% of its revenue from its loyalty members?

In fact, big companies are using their data to meet the changing desires of their customers. Starbucks is closing 800 traditional stores. They are being replaced by convenient options like drive-thru and pre-order.

Your data is being used against you

Is it fair for third parties to use your customer data to build competing businesses?

Third parties want to use your data to build their own businesses like cloud kitchens. They know exactly where to set them up, what products to offer, and how to attract your customers.

With Beanee, you have full control over your business data. Benefit from better insights that support targeted decision making. Increase your profit margins without sacrificing your independence.

Win and reward loyal customers

The best companies like Starbucks and McDonalds already use loyalty programs. Loyal members spend on average 40% more and visit the store 12% more often. When you use third parties, customers are loyal to them, not you.

Set up a loyalty program with Beanee. You'll have better relationships with your customers, improve brand loyalty, increase spending, have control over your data, and more.

Save tens of thousands of dirhams per month

Are you tired of paying 15-30% in commissions? Save your business tens of thousands of dirhams per month. Reinvest in growth, improve customer experience or finally make more profit. The decision is yours because it's your money.

Increase your sales

When you use Beanee, you'll get the best salesperson. Automatically upsell the right products to the right customer to increase your average order basket and profits. You don't need to do anything, just watch as your sales shoot up.

Automated marketing that's personal

Send direct messages and promotions to only those customers that meet your criteria. Send a "come back" offer to only those customers who haven't returned in the last 14 days. Send a special promo to the customers who have spent the most in the last week. The possibilities are endless.

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