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SEO might seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Metanoia can take care of SEO automatically, allowing you to concentrate on your priorities.

Why SEO Matters

of traffic goes to the results on the first page of Google

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SEO Quick Wins

Are you showcasing the most important information on your home page?

Highlight the most important information about your company on your website’s home page: company name, company type, about you and your company, links to social media pages, your services, your best work, your reviews, frequently asked questions, and service areas. Google rewards your relevant information, and your website will be more navigable to prospective customers.

Are your meta title and meta descriptions optimized to include your keywords?

Adding keywords in your meta title and meta descriptions helps Google more clearly identify what your business does, which allows them to rank your business higher for those searching for the type of work that you do. According to Safari Digital in May 2022, having SEO-optimized title tags can increase page clicks by more than 437%.

Does your website have relevant websites linking back to it?

The more trusted, reputable websites that include your website as a link lets Google know you’re a relevant company that others should know about. Adding your website to your local online business directory or asking your friend to link to your website on their non-competitive home service company’s website are examples of ways to create backlinks to your website.

Do you have a dedicated page for each service you offer?

Having a page dedicated to each service you offer makes it easier for people to find you when they are searching for that service in your area. Just listing your services isn’t enough.

Do you have a Google Business Profile?

When you search for “landscaper near me,” results are organized from the top with (1) paid ads, (2) Google Map Pack, which shows Google Business Profiles, and (3) organic search results, which are websites. Having a Google Business Profile with a website and at least 10 reviews helps you show up in the Google Map Pack, which is even higher than organic search results.

Is your website load speed in the top 10% of service business websites?

Google rewards websites that load quickly because it’s a better experience for your prospective customers who are trying to learn more about your company.

Are your NAP (name, address, and phone number) exactly identical across your website, Google, and Facebook?

Having the same information across your entire online presence signifies to Google that you’re a legitimate business. Not showing all of this information or having mismatched information will negatively impact your ranking.

Do you have at least 10 reviews on your Google Business Profile?

Just like Google ranks websites, Google also ranks Google Business Profiles. They tend to rank based on (1) profiles who have a website linked to them and (2) those that have at least 10 reviews, although more is always better.

Are you using relevant keywords for your business consistently throughout your website?

Google reads your website to see what type of company you are and uses that information to determine when to show you in Google search results. It’s important to include relevant keywords throughout your website.

Do you add reviews left on other platforms to your website?

Reviews are important to homeowners who want to understand the quality of your work, and it helps them trust you’ll do a great job. Google rewards websites that showcase their reviews on their website. You want to add every review you get on Google or Facebook onto your website as well.

Do all of your images have accurate alt text?

Alt text describes what’s happening in a photo and is an important accessibility feature that Google takes into consideration. Having appropriate alt text helps you rank higher.

Do you post new blogs every couple of weeks?

Writing blog posts that are relevant to the type of company you are signifies to Google that you’re an expert in your industry. It’s important to post consistently to keep your website more recent in Google’s eyes. Additionally, blogs can also help drive consumers who are researching a particular topic over to your site. For instance, painters that write an article about the pros and cons of different paint types or brands may attract consumers who are early in the buying process for painting services.

Are you posting on Google and Facebook every week?

To receive the biggest benefits, you should be posting to your Google Business Profile and Facebook page at least every week with new and unique content.

Does your website tell your story in a way that customers can relate to and understand why you’re different?

Websites with high conversion rates of people who land on the website to sending a message through the website rank higher because Google recognizes that your website is relevant and helpful. Having a well-designed, coherent website can help increase your site’s conversion rate.

Is your H1 tag written strategically to include your top keyword?

Google recognizes H1 tags are more important than content in H2, H3, or paragraph tags, so you should always add your more important keyword in your H1 tag. When someone is searching for relevant keywords, you’ll be more likely to show up higher.

Are you adding new photos every couple of weeks?

Updating existing content with fresh images and written content can increase organic traffic by 111.3%. Having new images on your website tells Google your site is active and ready to be shown to prospective customers.

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